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Success case: Elaia

Success case: Elaia

Elaia is a project of Sovena and Atitlán to obtain high quality olive oils. With a clear Mediterranean focus, the company has more than 15,000 hectares of crops that cover olive groves in various areas such as Spain and Morocco, Portugal being the main country of production. The case: After a pilot test carried out by…

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Bodegas Protos: Artificial Intelligence applied to Precision Agriculture

Bodegas Protos: Artificial Intelligence applied to Precision Agriculture

After years of work, the efforts put into this project have finally borne their fruit. Bodegas Protos, leading wine company in the Ribera del Duero area, has entrusted Hemav with improving its product. With its Artificial Intelligence service and drone techonology, the company aims to improve the efficiency of the treatments and to generate crop production estimates…

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Main Headquarters


Edificio Ibercenter

Plaza Carlos Trías Bertrán 4 28020 Madrid

(+34) 914 184 546


ESA (European Space Agency) Edificio RDIT

Esteve Terradas 1 08860 Castelldefels

(+34) 932 202 063

Ciudad de México

Avenida Prado Norte 125,

Lomas – Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec III Secc,

11000 Ciudad de México, CDMX,


Edificio New World Concept

Office AV.T63, nª1296, 17º

St. Bueno –  Goiana

(+55) 62 3624 3065