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This project will develop a 360º solution applied to the power infrastructure asset management field. This solution integrates the acquisition of information through flights with RPAS, the analysis of this information and its integration in predictive models based on Machine Learning/Deep Learning techniques allowing the model to be increasingly precise and intelligent, with the ability…

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HEMAV, drone inspection and maintenance of wind turbines

WHAT IS HEMAV? – DRONE TECHNOLOGY APPLIED TO THE WIND ENERGY SECTOR HEMAV is a service company specialising in performing inspections for the power sector, covering generation, transmission and distribution activities. The company benefits from a multidisciplinary team of engineers qualified to process data and images, as well as their capture through the use of…

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Main Headquarters


ESA (European Space Agency) Edificio RDIT

Esteve Terradas 1 08860 Castelldefels

(+34) 932 202 063


Edificio New World Concept

Office AV.T63, nª1296, 17º

St. Bueno –  Goiana

(+55) 62 3624 3065


World Trade Center

Strawinskylaan 381

1077 Amsterdam