Digital solutions for predictive savings


  • Have a documented and thorough history of your inspections
  • Manage your assets intelligently
  • Improve your decisions on Maintenance
  • Digitalize, visualize and geolocate the results
  • Reduce the risk of occupational hazards
  • Reduce the costs of Operation and Maintenance
  • Increase your business revenues and competitivity

O&M cost reduction


Increase in productivity


Reduction of occupational risks


Thorough inspection with graphic material of  defects


Historic data enable us to predict failures

  • Operational Study

    Engineers experts in the design of flight operations, permit management and risk analysis

  • Data Collection

    Field data collection ensuring maximum quality and security

  • Uploading to the cloud

    Information stored in our Cloud to ensure maximum data confidentiality and security. CyberSecurity.

  • Processing

    Automation combined with an experienced technical team specialised in industrial inspections, processing, LIDAR data processing and Level 1 and 2 thermographs.

  • Reports

    Advanced systems for the creation of comprehensive high-value reports, adapted to the clients’ needs and integrated to their systems.

  • Advanced Asset Management

    Web viewer. GIS-based digital reports of the inspection, state of the inspection in real time and failure statistics. Accessible through mobile devices.

Inspection of High Voltage Lines

  • Thorough HD Visual Inspection
  • High precision thermographic inspection

Inspection of Medium Voltage Lines

  • Regulatory HD Visual Regular Check
  • Thermographic inspection and field actions

Regular Checks

  • Regulatory Regular Checks of Medium Voltage Lines
  • HD Visual and thermographic inspection
  • Field actions

Distance measurement

  • Photogrammetrical techniques

Felling and pruning

  • Audit and Quality Control
  • Risk predictive models Distances and Fires

Line Surveying

  • Engineering, Construction and Maintenance of lines
  • Creation of Orthophotos, DEM & DTM, Contour Lines and Profiles
  • More information and accuracy at a lower cost in Engineering, Construction and Line Maintenance jobs.

“We offer Inspection services for intelligent asset management and maintenance”

tecnología dron HEMAV

HEMAV’s digital tools allow to:


  • Visualize reports on Geolocated Information Systems (GIS)
  • Create a documented and detailed history of the inspections in your installations
  • Know the current state of the inspection in real-time and forecast the works
  • Generate high value statistics
  • Improve decision-making on maintenance
  • Access information through multiple devices

Drones boost and accelerate our clients’ digital agenda, integrating them into the world of the iOT, bigdata and cognitive technologies that allow to predict failures in your installation.

Success case

Gas Natural Fenosa
High Voltage Grid

Thorough and digitalised inspection of high voltage pylons for Unión Fenosa Distribución in the Centre and North areas

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Medium Voltage Grid

Regulatory Regular Check with drones in Málaga and Córdoba and verification of the width of the safety path's acting as fire-breaks.

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Technology embedded in drones to optimise felling and pruning works in structures in Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia.

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Cable laying

The drone carried the cable between pylons reducing significantly the working times and avoiding abrupt areas.

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