Artificial Intelligence
applied to

Sugar Cane

Hemav offers the sugarcane sector specific products to maximize final production, minimizing costs, while classifying and guaranteeing quality parameters.
The prediction of the sucrose yield allows the reduction of the extraction cost of the refineries optimizing the best moment for the harvesting.

Aportación en la cadena de valor

Planning based on history

Planning based on history

Digitization plots

Digitize your plots to have greater control and monitoring of the evolution of them and make the right decision at any

Level curve

Know the level curves of the plot to sow against the slope or sowing traversed to the slope.

Deep fertilise

Know the soil structure through the N, P, K and creates an optimal fertilizer plan to improve the capacity of nutrient retention and to improve the thermal inertia of the soil.

Count of trunks and faults

Know the number of trunks and faults of the plot.

Evolution of the grow cicle

Know the measures of vegetative vigor through the PCD index. Compare the vigor between plots through the color map. You will know also the relative percentages of the surface, to know the general state of the area with the naked eye.

Recommendation of Irrigation, fertilization and pruning

Guide your harvest according to the protein content of each plot, increasing thus the profitability of your crop. Optimizes farm costs by saving on fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation (if applicable) and time on field staff. And apply the amount needed for the desired crop.

Phytopathogenic alerts

Dismiss possible conditions or diseases on each flight to minimize the risk of loss.

Production Estimation

Know the final production volume of the field up to three months before harvest.

Quality parameters

Through the fat yield and other parameters you can maximize the final production, minimizing the costs, while you classify and guarantee the quality parameters.

Purchase and sale management

Optimize the management of the purchase and sale of your product based on the forecast production and quality estimation.

Quality parameters

Through the analysis of fat yield you can maximize crop yield and guarantee the desired quality standards.

Logistics optimization

Manages logistics based on the estimate of early production.

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The reports and recommendations provided by Hemav are viewed through the Layers Viewer available from the web, tablet or mobile device.

n addition, the reports can be downloaded with PDF to be visualized in areas without connectivity.


ayers is an intuitive platform that also has online training (videos, photographs, etc.) that will help you understand and apply the recommendations offered.

In addition, in Hemav we have a network of partners that provide national and international coverage in order to be able to offer immediate and direct advice to the farmer.


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