Digitalization of activity monitoring in


Through highly automated solutions adapted to the customer’s needs, which we integrate in their daily work

HEMAV dron mina


Acquisition of reliable data with our highly versatile drone platforms (fixed wing or rotor, RGB sensor, multi-spectral, LiDAR, etc.)

Automation of process for the generation and delivery of the geomatics deliverables required

Visualisation, Management and Exploitation of geospatial data for the optimisation of resources during mining works project


We collectreliable data with our highly versatile drone platforms (fixed wing or rotor, RGB sensor, multi-spectral, LiDAR, etc.).


Processautomation for the generation and deliveryof the geomatics deliverables required.

Management & exploitation

Visualisation, Management and Exploitation of geospatial data for the optimisation of resources during a mining works project.

HEMAV geomática minas

What do we offer our customers?

As a technology consultant, we offer digital solutions for the visualisation, exploitation and management of geospatial data.

  • Highly customised digital solutions, with an operational model adapted to the clients’ needs.
  • Tools for the Visualisation, Exploitation and Management of geospatial data in a totally digital ecosystem.
  • Technology consulting and process automation for the optimal collection and management of geospatial data.
Cartografía, Topografía & Mediciones base

Reduction in costs and operating times and increase in the scope of data

Quality reports & Certificates of execution

Detailed information generated through highly automated processes

Monitoring & Optimisation of resources and logistics

Management improvement thanks to the complete visibility of the mining works and the resources

Monumentation & Inspection of Structures

3D modelling and visual, thermographic and highly accurate inspections


Process automation for optimal management of geospatial data.

Areas of action


Increase productivity during the data collection process

Optimize the costs and resources involved

Increase the quality and scope of the data

Digitalise the process of collectionanalyses and exploitation of data

Empower yourself with reliable data for decision-making in real time

Volume reports
Mapping Generation
3D Models Generation
High Definition Contour Lines



Drone platforms


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Download our ebook “5 drone applications in Mining”

Learn about the benefits of applying HEMAV’s drone technology and digital processing  in the mining sector.

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