• Digitalization of your fields
  • Optimisation of your crops
  • Increase of production at the desired level of quality
  • Optimisation of your crop’s logistics 
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Increase the productivity of your crops by more than 5 %.


Optimise the costs of your holding by reducing them by more than 10%.


Increase the quality of your harvest.


Digitalize your farm management with new layers of useful information.


Optimize your logistics as you’ll know the outcome in advance.

capas Hemav agricultura de precisión

What information will you receive?

Radiographs and analysis
  • Information on your plots’ current status.
  • Leaf nitrogen analysis. Fertilisation dosage.
  • Water stress analysis. Irrigation dosage.
  • Plant pathogen risk report, what areas of your field are affected by diseases.
  • Early estimate of your holding’s performance.

Agronomic digitalisation

  • Digitalisation

    Based on the client’s history, we digitalise all agricultural plots with our agricultural management program.

  • Farmer's contribution

    Besides the history, the farmer can provide information on the analytics and treatments of the campaign.

  • Drone's flight

    HEMAV collects data with drones. We use multi-spectral and thermal sensors to obtain “X-rays” of the crops.

  • Processing with Layers

    By means of our patented software, we combine the farmer’s data with the airborne and meteorological data to make a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment.

  • Delivery of results

    The farmer will receive the digital reports on the multi-device viewer in 5 to 7 days. One of HEMAV’s consultants will explain the results personally.

  • Integration

    Integration of the results in the management and application systems of our clients.

agricultura de precisión dron ordenadores HEMAV

How are the results delivered?

  • Digital format through our proprietary cloud-based platform  (tablet, computer, mobile app)
  • Meeting with our agricultural consultants to explain the analysis results
  • Integration with their agricultural tools (tractors, implements, irrigation systems, ERPs, etc.)



The information provided by Hemav can be implemented with my system. I use my cell phone as GPS and I can fertilise in a variable manner.

Gonçal Giralt
Almond tree farmer


Arable Crop

  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Lucerne
  • Cereal
  • Horticultural

Woody crops

  • Vineyard
  • Stone fruit trees
  • Stoneless fruit trees

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