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HEMAV offers flexible packages through our LAYERS system of data-driven solutions and premium applications.


Monitoring even on cloudy days.


Customized forecasting with AI models.


Deeper knowledge. Better counting.


Accurate and unified view of the ground.

Your success contributes to our success.

"With the implementation of new technologies in the 2022/23 harvest season, through the HEMAV LAYERS platform for crop monitoring and sugarcane estimation, as well as image processing with drones, we aim to streamline processes and improve operational efficiency." highlights Rinaldo.

Usina Pitangueiras

X5 acceleration in decision-making (for the highlighted part)

"LAYERS and Soil Tech allow us to provide our customers with up-to-date information on their crop development streamlining decision making, as well as nutrient maps and customized nutrition recommendations specific to their soil and crop requirements." Fernando Hinojosa Product Director

Case Study Costa Atlántica (FERCO)/ México / Soil-Tech

X5 increase in the speed of decision making

Frequently asked

HEMAV has a proven track record of helping our clients achieve their most important goal: profitable growth of their bottom line.

The precision agriculture available to HEMAV customers drives their crop strategies and gives them the ability to increase the efficiency of the land, at the right time, until the best possible product is obtained.

Need examples? See our use case with Azucarera, a sugar beet company that has developed a supply chain control tower with a great impact on the extraction of sugar from their fields after implementing LAYERS from HEMAV. The Kress Group, a citrus and cereal producer, has improved its internal audit process and identified savings. One of the major changes was to avoid 40% of soil sampling and to optimize fertilizer application on more than 8,000 ha. Other clients have reported an increase in return on investment (ROI) of up to 3.6 by using LAYERS. LAYERS has become the main monitoring tool for our sugar cane clients, such as Grupo Glorias, who rely on LAYERS to make decisions in all of the group’s mills, which has generated savings of up to + 40,000€ in local applications. Another good example is GGF, who are revolutionizing corn production through the implementation of our solutions.

In other cases such as cotton, after adopting LAYERS from HEMAV, our customers have obtained savings of 30€ per hectare.

HEMAV’s LAYERS prices are based on the following criteria:

– Features and functionality

– Number of hectares

– Integración con APIs

– Data usage

The cost of LAYERS is based on the depth of information required by the client. The most robust data covers advanced artificial intelligence, such as tailored AI models, forecasting, geolocated sampling and real-time alerts. On the other hand, the basic data provides traditional images and crop details.

Solutions complementary to the LAYERS platform and integrations can also influence pricing. Our platform integrates seamlessly with the most popular ERP technologies, including out-of-the-box integrations with customer relationship management (CRM). These preconfigured integrations typically have a base cost for use and installation and require a minimum purchase of data for immediate use after installation. If data consumption is higher than initially expected, customers can purchase additional data.

LAYERS adopts a SaaS-based pricing and package approach that gives us the flexibility to offer our clients the depth of crop data that fits their needs.

Packages are based on the number of acres our customers need and the level of data access and functionality they desire. More advanced packages provide access to more than just basic imagery and crop information; instead, they reveal deeper insights such as forecasting, drone counting and geolocated sampling.

Customers can also purchase plug-and-play integrations that synchronize LAYERS data directly with customer platforms.

The price depends on the size of the crop field and the number of characteristics selected to be applied. The starting price is €1.5/ha. Data scaling will remain open for users to add more as needed.

HEMAV offers multiple payment options depending on your package, additional features and number of users. Our Key Account Managers will work with you on payment options.

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