Policy of the IMS

HEMAV is a company that designs and commercializes digital solutions of great added value for the industry thanks to its capacity to process technical information collected through UAV systems, satellites or small planes.

Quality, respect for the environment, occupational health and safety, and information security are essential aspects of HEMAV’s vision and corporate social responsibility.

HEMAV’s General Management assumes the responsibility and social commitment associated with the growth of the national and the international market, establishing the following principles:

  • To be a committed customer-centric organisation, offering high value-added services and products and adapting to the customer’s needs, always with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction.
  • To assign the necessary material and human resources to meet objectives regarding quality, environment, occupational health and safety, information security. Always bearing in mind the risks, when making decisions and taking actions to improve the processes, empowering and engaging each member of the project and promoting improvements and opportunities within the team.
  • To work with screened and selected providers, who satisfy the organisation’s requirements under a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • To support the wording and the compliance with the necessary documented information that supports the execution of the Integral Management System, and of the process to carry out the offered services.
  • To recognise and meet our commitments to the Integral Management System, to the laws applicable to our company and other’s to which HEMAV subscribes.
  • To optimise the use of non-renewable natural resources and the recycling of secondary materials towards pollution prevention.
  • To protect key information by means of the control of applications, systems and processes faced with the increasing requirements and challenges of the dynamic security threats.
  • To work in the prevention of occupational risks, the workers safety prevailing at all times.
  • To ensure the confidentiality, impartiality, independence and integrity of the staff is essential and necessary to guarantee the quality of the service, continuously analysing and minimising the risks of compromising the impartiality.


Code: A-03-01
Version: 02
Date: 24/07/2017
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