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Course accredited by AESA in 3 weeks and access to HEMAV’s Talent Board

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We are ATO n. 178 and approved by AESA


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Course granted by the Tripartite Foundation

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Approved Course

The applications of UAV technology in the labour market have become increasingly numerous.  Launch your career with the Drone Pilot License.

However, to operate legally you need specific training to obtain your pilot certification. The course we deliver complies with all legal requirements and it guarantees an Official Certification.

The duration of the<25kg Official Drone Pilot Training is 60hs of instruction and 4hs of individual practices in a real airfield.

Upon registration, you’ll have access to the virtual platform to start working on the theoretical subjects by means of video-tutorials and multiple-choice questions.   

You will attend on-site classes in the timetable of your choice: mornings, afternoons, or the whole day intensively.

The exams are multiple-choice tests, and they can be completed in a flexible schedule. Check out the course content in this video.

Available geographical areas


Course’s subjects

  • Operational procedures
  • Air Law
  • Human factors for RPAs
  • Communications
  • Navigation and map interpretation
  • Meteorology
  • General understanding of the aircraft
  • Performance
  • Instrucción teórica-práctica
  • Air traffic Control

Upon completion of the course, you will obtain the Drone Pilot Official Certificate and a license attesting the successful completion of the Course at HEMAV.
To obtain this certificate, you will have to conduct a medical examination in a medical centre certified by AESA.

Click here to check the certified medical centres

Industries that benefit from drones


Civil Engineering

Rescue and life-saving

Industrial inspection

Precision agriculture

Construction and Mining

Security and Surveillance

Fire prevention

Download the eBook “Requirements to fly a Drone”

Learn about the requirements you need to meet to fly a Drone safely and in agreement with the current legislation.

requisitos pilotar dron

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