Parcel delivery in golf courses

The commercial applications of UAV’s are increasing every day, thanks to the changes in regulations and to society’s acceptance of its use.

HEMAV Academics has planned this parcel delivery project intelligently, satisfying the mission’s requirements.

The project aims to design a parcel delivery procedure with drones in golf courses. If a golf course user wishes to order a product, like a soft drink or a sandwich, it will be delivered by drone.

To do so, it is necessary to consider the legal aspects (where and how to fly) that will limit the drone’s flight, and the technological aspects the establish the parameters required, like the drone’s choice and  the operational procedure.

Today we have already developed an algorithm adding intelligence to the drone when deciding the best route according to the client’s position. The procedure has been validated by means of a simulation software using a SITL (software in the loop). The last stage in the validation will be in the platform with hardware, but we are still awaiting the permits to conduct the test flight.

We are hoping to have a practical validation in the next few weeks, performing the test in Abrera!

golf 2


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