Launch of the new Hemav Planner

We are Alberto, Albert and Adrià, the developers of the new Hemav Planner. For 5 months we have been creating and improving the classic Mission Planner achieving a renewed version both aesthetically and functionally. We wanted to improve the experience for all users, from the most advanced to those who have just started, in order to enhance the flight feeling to the fullest.

We have put a lot of effort into making it a virtually maintenance-free and stable program, saving time when upgrading versions and improving business performance.

Here are the results of our work :

The first screen shows the cover, where we can choose the drone we want to fly. Based on this, the program will change certain parameters to adapt it to the drone.


When we select our drone, the following screen will appear, in which we have optimized the whole system of buttons, HUD, messages, errors, etc. It includes new functions and new data that will allow us to know at all times the status of the flight. The right panel will indicate if there are any problems. All this prioritizing the map’s viewing, achieving a more immersive experience.

In the next tab you will find the Flight Plan, where you can plan your flight. We have included new functions and improved the display to make it simpler and more usable, providing the user with the most necessary functions in an optimal way. Now we also have a weather widget and a vane to identify the direction of the wind.

Finally we have put all the calibrations on one screen, with help videos for each one, making the whole drone calibration system a very simple and fast experience (we all know it’s the worst part).

We hope you can all try or see the new Hemav Planner soon!

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