This article shows the different applications of drone technology in the road concessions sector through the pilot project carried out jointly by ACCIONA Concesiones and HEMAV Technology S.L. It also details the distinct phases of the project that aims to carry out a digital transformation
of the current work models, achieving a reduction in inspection execution times, as well as the acquisition of efficient processes and solutions that facilitate decision making with regards to the proposed corrective actions and that provide a reduction in the maintenance costs of the concessions.

Project’s approach

Following discussions with the General Manager of Acciona’s Concessions, HEMAV contacted the company’s Innovation Department to propose a key project for the company: to reduce the
costs of Acciona’s road surveillance activity through drone technology. As soon as the project study began, both companies realized that there is a possibility to expand the scope of the
project and immediately included all the actions implemented in the management of a road concession.

The project’s pilot tests were mainly carried out in the A2 Concession, section 2, that Acciona has in Guadalajara and lasted approximately three months although the complete closure of the
works was scheduled for the end of November 2017.

When facing these projects, HEMAV used two types of UAV platforms: a fixed wing providing greater coverage and autonomy (ideal for large mapping) and a rotor, which gives more image
stability and has more strength to lift weights, making it easy to load multiple sensors for the collection of different data. This type of platform also allows both stationary (hover) and vertical

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