• To keep the company at the technological forefront
  • To provide new technological solutions required by the market in the different business lines.
  • To identify new lines with high growth potential. The main objective is the development of new basic, advanced and predictive information layers for HEMAV’s different areas of activity.

The conversion to digital technology allows us to optimize resources and times and to obtain high-value information.

User Experience

Optimization of application software through the users’ feedback to enhance the user experience.

Customer Development

We learn from our clients throughout the development of our services and products.

Large Projects

Layers, MOM and HBOX are the three large projects with which we drive the drone sector.

Leading the industry

Agriculture (crop yield prediction); Utilities (predictive management and maintenance); Civil Engineering (construction)

  • Digital platform to upload, process, analysis and visualisation of data. It covers data entry by the client (definition of areas, types of deliverables requested, flight plans, etc.), and the contracting of new services for clients already having an account.

    As central core, it allows to visualise the final deliverables that,m being interactive, will acquire a new dimension (they client will be able to visualise and work directly with these data in the browser instead of simply downloading them and use a specific viewer on his computer to work with them).

  • MOM (Maintenance and Operations Manager) is the tool that has been developed and maintained by HEMAV to manage the information regarding the flights and the execution of HEMAV’s works.

    The need to have this tool was identified on the company’s early days and it has been maintained as a strong and firm commitment, essential for HEMAV at this stage for the management of the fleet and the execution of works of ‘Flight Dispatching’.

  • HEMAV Box is the combination of all the things that the pilot needs to take to the field to carry out his work. Robotics, electronics, IoT, embedded software, tablets, ground stations, drones and aeronautics are the necessary technologies and knowledge to ensure the operational safety of each flight.

Development of digital and physical solutions in the area of drone technology.


Hemav innovation

Agrolayers is an innovation project aimed at integrating remote sensing to information technologies to offer a cost-efficient platform with advanced crop planning, control and monitoring functionalities.

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Hemav innovation

Through inspection of ground-mounted and rooftop installations. Thermographic analysis conducted by certified thermographs. Ad-hoc reports displayed on the viewer according to the client’s requirements.

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Hemav innovation

Project aimed at monitoring and managing extensive livestock with sensors and drones. It will be entirely carried out by the herders, who will receive training and new tools. Livestock management will be much more efficient.

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Hemav Academics

Project aimed at conducting microgravity tests using drone technology, obtaining acceptable results similar to those that would be obtained using conventional methods and offering a more affordable and accessible trial with a high degree of repeatability.

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Ranger Drone Project
Hemav Academics

The Ranger Drone project is aimed at fighting against poaching in areas like Southern Africa, to save threatened species through surveillance with a fixed-wing drone and thermal vision, which allows to identify the location of animals and poachers.

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Package delivery in golf courses
Hemav Academics

The commercial applications that stem from the UAV sector are expanding, due to the regulations and to society’s acceptance of its use. HEMAV Academics has given an intelligent approach to the Project.

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Pest prevention
Hemav Academics

The desert locust plague is one of the most dangerous and destructive plagues in the world, causing great damages to agricultural resources in large and remote desert areas, from Western Africa to India, which have a combined surface area of 16 million square kilometers.

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Vertical cleaning systems
Hemav Academics

HEMAV Academics has started a challenging innovation project. As the technological race of drones develops, so do its benefits. We have realized the need to ease the cleaning systems for glass and high surfaces or hard to reach areas.

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