Drones applied to

Photovoltaic generation

Monitoring of hotspots and the general condition of the installation.

Comissioning and due diligence services.

HEMAV Energía Fotovoltaica Data Processing

Data Processing

  • Thermographic analysis, i-v curves and electroluminiscence.
  • Inspection of ground-mounted and rooftop installations.
  • Analysis carried out by certified inspectors.
  • Ad-hoc reports on viewer according to the clients’ requirements.
  • Module failure assessment, segmentaded by manufacturer or according to the clients’ requirements.

Reduction of inspection and maintenance costs and lead times.


Automatic registration of the results with failure statistics.


Greater accessibility in comparison to traditional thermography.


Remote processing that increases the quality of the information.

Our value proposition is to carry out exhaustive thermographic inspections of our clients’ assets, with higher quality and at a lower time and cost than those offered by other traditional methodologies.

Project's design

Project's design based on the initial parameters of the operation (resolution, extension, precision, flight altitude, etc.).

Flight Plan

Flight Plan according to the specifications and the route to be made in an autonomous way.

Central solar Hemav

To whom it is addressed?

  • Owners/ O&M Operators
  • Maintenance companies
  • Companies in the process of acquiring new assets.
  • Commissioning processes / renewal of O&M contracts.
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