Success case Gas Natural Fenosa

Pioneering service

In 2014, Gas Natural Fenosa decided to incorporate the use of drones as a support tool to carry out the inspection of its high voltage lines. Since then, HEMAV, as its technological partner, has
been providing this inspection service, making it evolve it to the Advanced Inspection Service currently implemented in all of their lines. This is undoubtedly a case of success, pioneering and unique in the world.

The evolution of the service revolves around five main axes:

The project

Gas Natural Fenosa, together with its Maintenance companies and HEMAV, is carrying out a thorough visual and thermographic inspection with drones on a yearly basis, to approximately
one third of its High Voltage lines in Galicia and the Central area.

In addition to aerial inspections, we are carrying out recorded inspections from the ground in those sections of line located in the CTR zone, generating historical and graphic documentation of the entire installation. The greatest value of this service is undoubtedly these final reports, and being aware of this, we have incorporated Digital solutions that display the results on a georeferenced GIS viewer accessible from any web device, as well as real-time consultation of the works’ state of progress. These digital tools are enabling maintenance operators to know exactly what maintenance action needs to be performed and where, while managers are gaining more precise information on the state of their facilities and are able to manage assets more efficiently.

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