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It was through the words of Rinaldo Celestino – Geotechnology Supervisor, that we understood that it was possible to bring together the needs of Pitangueiras Power Plant and what HEMAV can offer in technology: “Sustainability has been a guideline at the mill since its foundation stone. The practices adopted by the company result in products with this DNA. Innovation is continuous here and partners must be aligned with this purpose.”

HEMAV and its distributor UAUW have enabled Usina Pitangueiras to advance strategically and position itself in Digital Agriculture.

“With the implementation of new technologies in the 2022/23 harvest, through HEMAV’s LAYERS platform for crop monitoring and sugarcane estimation, as well as drone image processing, we aim to bring efficiency to our operations team.” – highlights Rinaldo.

Through the SAT-TECH module, an exclusive and rich database has been created, consisting of historical satellite images that are regularly updated and associated with agroclimatic information. This has allowed for the customization of views that support the diverse needs of the technical team for timely decision-making.

The highlight was the PREDITIVE-TECH module which, by adding historical customer information to the database, brings into play Artificial Intelligence – HEMAV, in which cane estimates are generated with high accuracy. Both the ton/ha indicator and the RTA/ton indicator showed deviations lower than 1.65%.

According to Rinaldo: “What is striking is the quality of the information generated and the support of the after-sales team, because allied to these mechanisms we managed, with the commitment of the technical team, to immerse ourselves in the platform, criticize essential points for the day-to-day and seek the full delivery potential of the LAYERS platform.”

The image processing through the DRONE-TECH module allowed the plant to access the results within the same platform, meeting the main needs of the plant and the market: defects, planting lines, and weeds.

With this comprehensive and customizable package for Usina Pitangueiras, it was possible to optimize resources, provide assertive working conditions for the technical field staff, as well as follow the trend of biological assets to support the strategies of the commercial team.

For the 2023/24 harvest, the evolution does not stop, and the partnership between Usina Pitangueiras and HEMAV will continue intelligently and sustainably, overcoming barriers to maximize productivity and unlock the full potential of the land.

“We are pleased to have competent and dedicated professionals in this process. We are grateful for the partnership with HEMAV – UAUW, which will certainly differentiate us as a company that invests in technology to achieve our goals.” – Rinaldo added.

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