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Digital agriculture is changing the way agricultural companies operate and make decisions. Thanks to the collaboration between HEMAV, UAUW, and Usina Pitangueiras, it’s evident how the implementation of advanced technologies can lead to smarter and more sustainable agricultural practices.

The beginning of a digital transformation

It was through the inspiring words of Rinaldo Celestino, Supervisor of Geotechnology, that we were able to grasp the company’s vision.

“Sustainability has been a guideline in the factory since its foundation. Here, innovation is ongoing, and partners must align with this purpose”, Rinaldo points out.

Technological advancements in digital agriculture

With the deployment of new technologies in the 2022/23 harvest season, Usina Pitangueiras took a decisive step toward digital agriculture. HEMAV’s LAYERS platform, designed for crop monitoring and sugarcane estimation, combined with drone image processing, became essential tools.

“We seek processes that bring efficiency alongside the operations team”, emphasizes Rinaldo.

SAT-TECH: A view from space

The SAT-TECH module has provided Usina Pitangueiras with a rich database of historical satellite images, regularly updated and linked to agroclimatic information. This integration enables customized views supporting the technical team’s decision-making.

PREDICTIVE-TECH: Prediction with artificial intelligence

The highlight was the deployment of the PREDICTIVE-TECH module, leveraging HEMAV’s Artificial Intelligence. Accurate sugarcane estimations are generated here, with deviations under 1.65%. Rinaldo emphasizes the quality of the information produced, along with post-sale support, as critical factors to fully utilize the LAYERS platform.

DRONE-TECH: A new perspective

Image processing through DRONE-TECH has given Usina Pitangueiras integrated results on the same platform, covering the plant’s and market’s essential needs.

With the complete suite of solutions, it was possible to optimize resources, enhance the technical staff’s working conditions, and adapt to industry trends.

Looking toward the future of digital agriculture

“For the 2023/24 harvest, THE EVOLUTION DOES NOT STOP”, Rinaldo declares with enthusiasm. The alliance between Usina Pitangueiras and HEMAV will continue to progress sustainably, overcoming challenges and maximizing productivity.

Finally, Rinaldo expresses his gratitude: “We are pleased to have competent professionals dedicated to this process. We are grateful for the partnership with HEMAV – UAUW, which will undoubtedly set us apart in the digital agriculture market”.

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