The revolutionary yield variability layer by area VRA

variabilidad de rendimiento por área vra yield variability layer by area
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Since ancient times, agriculture has blended science and art, evolving according to the needs of the moment. In our technological age, the question arises: how can we make the most of every inch of land? The answer: yield variability by area, known as VRA. This tool from HEMAV is the key to an efficient agricultural future. Join us to understand how Yield Variability Layer by Area, VRA enhances efficiency in the field.

Introducing the Yield Variability Layer by Area VRA

Modern agriculture is not left behind when it comes to innovations. With an arsenal of tools and techniques at its disposal, the goal is clear: maximize yield and efficiency. And this is where the yield variability layer by area (VRA), a creation by HEMAV, stands out for its revolutionary impact. What makes VRA special is its ability to analyze the variability in the vegetative potential of each pixel in a plot, considering its behavior in previous seasons. This detailed perspective paves the way for a much more informed agricultural management.

The heart of VRA: NDVI

The engine behind the revolution that VRA brings to the field is the Normalized Vegetation Density Index, or NDVI. This index, by assessing the vegetative behavior of the previous three years, provides a detailed view of plant health. With this information at hand, VRA evaluates vegetative potential, directly linking it to the generated biomass and the NDVI.

Implementation of Yield Variability Layer by Area VRA in the Field

While the theory behind yield variability layer by area (VRA) is captivating, its real impact lies in practical application. Below, we explore how VRA revolutionizes various facets of agriculture:

  • Seed and Fertilization Adjustment: Thanks to the accuracy VRA provides and the use of machinery with variable application technology, it is feasible to adapt seeding and fertilization according to the specifics of each stretch of land.
  • Irrigation System Improvement: VRA, by discerning differences in vegetative potential, provides essential information to set up irrigation systems that are more precise and cost-effective.
  • Refinement of Agronomic Strategies: Armed with the knowledge offered by VRA, farmers can hone their agronomic approaches, aligning with the prevailing conditions of their land.
  • Optimal Crop Variety Choice: The data that VRA’s yield variability by area delivers becomes an invaluable tool for selecting crop varieties that will best adapt to the peculiarities of each plot.
  • Setting Up Quality Tests and Analysis: VRA isn’t just useful for structuring agricultural experiments; it’s also crucial for quality assessment, compensating for spatial variations that could skew results.

These practical implementations of VRA demonstrate that it goes beyond being a theoretical novelty, becoming a vital strategy that elevates the quality and efficiency of modern agriculture.

Keys to an Effective Implementation of Yield Variability Layer by Area VRA

Yield Variability by Area, known as VRA, is establishing itself as an essential tool in the agricultural field. However, like any technology, its effectiveness is influenced by certain factors. Below are the keys to an optimal implementation of VRA:

  • Consistent Land History: One of the foundations for effective VRA implementation is having a homogeneous history of the land. It’s essential that, over the years, it has had consistent agricultural management. This means the land has harbored a similar crop and that the planting dates haven’t undergone drastic changes. If there are significant alterations in this history, it’s likely that VRA will reflect these inconsistencies in its results.
  • Pest or Disease Events: A plot that has been affected by pests or diseases in any given year will have repercussions on the data obtained through VRA. It’s crucial to consider that these adversities can distort the expected yields in the affected areas.
  • Comparison of Past and Present Management: While land may have shown uniform management in past times, current variations should not be dismissed. The VRA tool allows for adjusting these considerations when selecting a specific date, making it easier to assess variability relative to that specific time frame.

The correct interpretation and adaptation to these factors will ensure that the Yield Variability by Area VRA is an effective and accurate tool in agricultural management.

In this example, a plot was occupied by two different crops and also maintained an area without cultivation.

Implementation of the Yield Variability Layer by Area VRA: Innovating in Agriculture

To efficiently implement the VRA layer and make a qualitative leap in agriculture, it is essential to have a reliable and expert provider. In this area, HEMAV stands out for its commitment and leadership in precision agriculture. From data collection, through application, to constant monitoring of VRA, HEMAV is synonymous with excellence.

While introducing VRA might imply an initial investment of resources and time, the benefits in terms of agricultural efficiency and productivity more than compensate. With the right guidance and support, farmers can make the most of this advanced tool, elevating the quality and precision of their work.


The Yield Variability by Area VRA layer goes beyond being just a tool: it represents a genuine revolution in the world of precision agriculture. This layer empowers farmers, providing them with critical information to make informed decisions, enhancing the yield of their plots and steering agriculture towards a more sustainable future. And with the cutting-edge innovation that HEMAV brings, we can anticipate a more promising and efficient agricultural era.

yield variability layer by area
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