How to save on herbicide application with drones

aplicación de herbicidas con drones hemav herbicide application with drones
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Modern agriculture values efficiency in all its processes, and one of the most critical aspects is the correct and timely application of herbicides. Proper application not only guarantees healthier crops but also results in significant economic savings. With the advent of new technologies, herbicide application with drones has emerged as a revolutionary tool. These aerial devices not only modernize traditional techniques but significantly enhance them. Continue reading to delve into this case study and discover how this innovative technique can be efficient and beneficial for your crops.

The challenge of weeds in agriculture

Since ancient times, farmers have faced the persistent problem of weeds. These invaders, in addition to competing for essential resources such as water, nutrients, and light, can negatively impact the health and growth of crops. This interference not only results in lower yields but can also lead to significant economic losses.

If weeds are not effectively managed, the consequences for production can be severe. This negligence can result in the inefficient use of vital resources and capital, jeopardizing the profitability and sustainability of agricultural activity. That’s why finding effective solutions, like herbicide application with drones, becomes crucial to address this challenge in a modern and efficient manner.

HEMAV: Leading the revolution in herbicide application with drones

In the vast agricultural landscape, HEMAV stands out not just as another entity, but as a true leader and pioneer in drone-based herbicide application. With an innovative vision focused on the current needs of farmers, HEMAV has positioned itself as an expert in optimizing and enhancing the efficiency of these treatments.

Their LAYERS system is a clear testament to their commitment to excellence. This technology not only allows farmers to make more precise herbicide applications but also translates this into significant savings. Thanks to the precision and effectiveness of LAYERS, producers can be confident they are adopting one of the most advanced solutions on the market to combat the weed problem.

Combining satellite technology and drones

Consider a crop as essential and widespread as sugarcane. Thanks to advancements in satellite technology, it’s now possible to accurately detect areas affected by weeds across vast lands. However, the real revolution arises when merging this valuable satellite information with drone-based herbicide application.

This combination allows for unparalleled precision and targeting. Instead of uniformly treating an entire area, drones, guided by satellite data, can pinpoint the affected zones. The result is a variable herbicide application, ensuring it’s used in exact amounts and only where truly needed. This approach is not only more efficient and eco-friendly but also leads to substantial savings for farmers.

Computer vision: the perfect complement

Although drones are already revolutionary in themselves, HEMAV hasn’t stopped there. They’ve taken innovation a step further by incorporating computer vision technology into their operations. This technology, which allows machines to “see” and interpret images, is crucial for generating detailed and accurate maps of areas infested by weeds.

With these maps in hand, drones can not only identify but also quantify and determine the density of weeds in different areas of the field. This level of detail is vital for a genuinely efficient drone-based herbicide application. By having a comprehensive and detailed view of the land, farmers can ensure the herbicide is applied only to the necessary areas and in appropriate proportions, thereby maximizing effectiveness and reducing waste. This fusion of technologies showcases how modern agriculture is evolving towards smarter and more sustainable practices.

Tangible benefits of using LAYERS for herbicide application with drones

LAYERS goes beyond merely identifying and defining problems; it offers active solutions. With just a few clicks, farmers can generate a shapefile for targeted spraying, optimizing herbicide application to the fullest. This tool promotes the effective use of inputs and resources, resulting in lower costs and higher yields.

A striking fact: a 58.42% herbicide saving was achieved over an area of 19 Ha, thanks to the alerts provided by the LAYERS system. The damage weeds can cause is significant. According to the WSSA, they can reduce a crop’s yield by up to 30%. These weeds not only incur additional costs by complicating the harvest process and halting machinery for hours, but if not eradicated, can increase the weed seed bank, which could complicate agricultural tasks in the future.

In a specific study on sugarcane, satellite information was crucial for detecting anomalies, and the data collected via drones allowed for a localized variable application of herbicides. In this case, LAYERS’ automatic alerts identified an issue in a specific plot. After analyzing it with the NDVI Vegetative Vigor layer, a drone was employed to detect areas affected by weeds.

Thanks to HEMAV’s computer vision technology, a detailed map of weed locations was generated, allowing for precise and localized herbicide application. Moreover, tracking the evolution of treated areas is possible.

This study clearly illustrates how LAYERS not only alerts and delineates the problem but also facilitates decision-making on addressing the issue. In just two or three clicks, it’s possible to extract a shapefile directly from LAYERS for variable targeted spraying in the affected area, all while optimizing input use.

In summary, users can clearly identify areas affected by weeds and utilize this information in their daily operations. The accessibility and clarity of the data provide immense value, as all the information is readily available for company management, both for internal and external processes.


HEMAV and its LAYERS system are at the forefront of the agricultural revolution, offering innovative solutions for drone-based herbicide application. In an era where agriculture faces unprecedented challenges and needs to adapt swiftly, the incorporation of these advanced technologies is not just desirable but essential. They not only optimize resources and boost efficiency but also pave the way for more sustainable and resilient agriculture. With initiatives like HEMAV’s, the future of agriculture looks promising, aligning with global demands for sustainability and productivity.

herbicide application with drones
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