The startup that raises your business at drone’s view


HEMAV was born in Barcelona in 2012 as an ambitious young technological company specialised in the design of industrial solutions based on the technical processing of data collected by means of RPAs or drones.  Today, it has headquarters in Barcelona and Madrid, and presence in more than 20 provinces both at a national and international level.

The company places priority on the development and research of new solutions and it will present its latest developments at the International Fair Drone Show next 22nd and 23rd March.

Precision agriculture available to all

The development in recent years of the drone technology and big data has allowed us to analyse crops in depth and generate digital recommendation maps that help the farmer make adequate decisions to take good care of his crop and attain the desired level of quality profitably.

This progress has led to an increase in the productivity and the quality of the crops, allowing at the same time to optimise the management costs of agricultural plots.

In this regard, HEMAV is pioneer in offering precision agriculture services for rice, cereal, fruit trees, orchard, olive trees and vine crops.

How are the crops analysed?

Each plot is unique because of the type of ground, texture, depth, orientation, water needs and sanitary problems. This is why it is essential to identify and treat the plot in a specific way.

The procedure being followed for this has 3 phases that adapt to each need:

  1. Acquisition of multispectral and thermal images of the crop to be analysed by means of drone, light aircraft and satellite platforms.
  2. Processing of the images obtained and performance analysis of the agricultural holdings to analyse.
  3. Delivery of recommendations in digital or physical format that can be integrated in the farmer’s devices (mobile, Tablet,PC…) and machinery (tractors, implements, watering systems…)

Activities at the DroneShow:

HEMAV will be present at the DroneShow with a booth to provide information and exhibit drones, a networking space and space at the flyzone where a demonstration of the precision agricultural service will take place.

Also, a workshop to make the drone world known and a round table on safety with the participation of Carlos Ferraz, Director of Innovation, have been organised.