HEMAV will take their drone technology to Brazil and Mexico

  • The Spanish company is leader in the use of drones and predictive software in precision agriculture
  • It is already present in other Latin American countries, France and Portugal


Hemav, a startup founded in 2012 by six young engineers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), has just approved an international expansion plan that contemplates starting activities this year in Brazil and Mexico, and at the same time consolidating its presence in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Argentina, France and Portugal, as well as in Spain.

Since 2012 and after successfully achieving two rounds of investment for a total of €3.4 million in crowdfunding, breaking historical records in Spain, Hemav now begins a third phase of development with the focus on Latin America, in which time has positioned itself as a reference company in precision agriculture in a very short time.

Hemav’s technology allows to make comprehensive digital diagnostics with drones and proprietary software, on the state of fields and crops. It also allows to generate guidance on treatments and predict agronomic results for improved productivity by farmers.


Fast growth in Latin America

The expansion of its activity to Brazil and Mexico will follow the model that Hemav has already implemented in other countries through agreements with other companies linked to the agricultural sector (fertilizer, irrigation, machinery companies among others) so that they can also offer their technology.

Hemav has signed representation agreements in several Latin American countries.  In Chile with Bio Nativa, a biotechnology company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of agricultural inputs. In Peru with Farmagro, leader in the Peruvian agricultural market with 55 years of history and specialized in all types of services to farmers. In Ecuador with Cotfila, a company dedicated to providing innovation services. In Colombia with I Flight and in Argentina with Hab, a company with a long-standing experience in agronomy consulting.


Spain, Portugal and France

In addition to expanding its activity in Latin America, Hemav will boost its presence in France during 2018 along with its partners Laundreau Solutions and the irrigation company Kulker. In Portugal it is represented by the distributor of phytosanitary and other agricultural products Liscampo.

In Spain Hemav has almost completed its territorial coverage with 16 dealers and expects to find partners to offer its services in Malaga, Cuenca, Guadalajara and Segovia..

Sobre Hemav

Hemav (www.hemav.com)  es la empresa líder europea en el sector de la agricultura de precisión con drones y software propio, capaz de generar recomendaciones para una gestión agrícola más eficiente. Hemav también está presente en otros sectores con esta tecnología, como por ejemplo en la industria de energías renovables con la monitorización de instalaciones fotovoltáicas, en infraestructuras con la revisión y predicción de instalaciones, en ingeniería civil y realiza proyectos bajo demanda.

Constituída en 2012 por un grupo de seis jóvenes ingenieros aeronáuticos de la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, en 2014 realizó una primera ronda de inversión de 450.000 €, que batió récords históricos en España en crowdfunding, gracias a la cual empezó a crear una red de concesionarios agrícolas. Posteriormente en 2016 llevó a cabo otra ronda de inversión por 3 M€, que le ha permitido iniciar su expansión internacional.

La compañía, con sede central en Barcelona, está presente actualmente con acuerdos de concesión en 8 países (Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, España, Francia, Perú y Portugal).