Agronomic recommendations to optimize crop production with the desired quality


Preventive and predictive maintenance recommendations for asset management

Civil Engineering

Visualisation, management and exploitation of geospatial data collected by drones

Special Projects

Innovating digital and integral ad-hoc solutions in the field of drone technology


Company certified and approved by AESA, ENAC and DGAC as drone operator


Mapping & data analysis

  • Data Collection

    International operational capacity, guaranteeing excellence in quality and safety.

  • Data Transfer

    Data upload and download through its own cybersafe digital platform.

  • Data Processing

    Cloud automated processing combining multiformat (visual, multispectral, thermal and/or LIDAR) and multiplatform (drone, light aircraft and/or satellite) data

  • Data Analytics

    Use of advanced techniques combining Deep Learning, Big Data and specialized algorithms to generate valuable information for your business.

  • Data Delivery

    Report delivery and viewing through PC, Tablet and Smartphone accessible anywhere, anytime.

  • Data Integration

    Integration of results into our clients’ management and application systems.

What is HEMAV?

Our company provides digital solutions for the industry through our cloud-based data processing capacity and the use of drone technology.

About us

Drone plaforms

We collect aerial data by means of multiple platforms, exclusively designed for each industry and equipped with multiple sensors for a thorough analysis.



We have our own R&D department, which develops differentiated products and solutions in cooperation with research centers, universities and public-private partnerships.

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tecnología dron HEMAV

Data Analytics

We are experts in data and image processing and pioneer in the aeronautical and operational development of the drone technology. We achieved this thanks to our multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and motivated engineers.

25,000Hectares flown 50operating drones 20Active dealers

More than 100 employees

We have reached the 100-employee mark, and each one of us is constantly seeking to improve our services to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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Latest projects

Bodegas Lahoz
Precision Agriculture

Find out which tangible and measurable benefits Bodegas LAHOZ obtained thanks to implementing HEMAV's agronomic reports and recommendations

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Unión Fenosa

Preventive maintenance inspection of the elements that make up a high voltage pylon for the group Gas Natural Fenosa

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Analysis conducted by certified thermographers, ad-hoc reports and failure assessment of the modules, segmented by manufacturer

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