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LAYERS, a SaaS platform for agriculture powered by artificial intelligence, specializes in developing unique crop prediction models.

Facilitating the digitization, monitoring and accurate prediction of land development from a distance.

Our predictive models are constantly evolving. They are continuously nurtured and trained on crops in more than 18 countries, analyzing the performance of millions of hectares annually.

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Leverage the power of your land.

LAYERS is a digital platform that can be integrated into any information system that users in the agricultural industry rely on to grow their business.

LAYERS has been developed to cover the whole cultivation process offering a predictive view on the evolution of the crops.

Controlling and managing your land has never been so convenient.

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Proactive weekly crop monitoring even on cloudy days. Our focus is on increasing the efficiency of the actions to be taken.

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Ag-Tech's only digital platform that generates accurate and actionable data for each user through customized AI models. Providing predictive insight into yield and quality throughout the crop cycle.

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Take advantage of drone data to get the most accurate results. Conduct counts, weed or gaps analysis.

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Combine soil samples with all Layers information to obtain an accurate and unified view of the soil.

Your success contributes to our success.

"With the implementation of new technologies in the 2022/23 harvest season, through the HEMAV LAYERS platform for crop monitoring and sugarcane estimation, as well as image processing with drones, we aim to streamline processes and improve operational efficiency." highlights Rinaldo.

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X5 acceleration in decision-making (for the highlighted part)

"LAYERS and Soil Tech allow us to provide our customers with up-to-date information on their crop development streamlining decision making, as well as nutrient maps and customized nutrition recommendations specific to their soil and crop requirements." Fernando Hinojosa Product Director

Case Study Costa Atlántica (FERCO)/ México / Soil-Tech

X5 increase in the speed of decision making


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Our goal is to helping agribusiness to increase the efficiency and sustainability of their land, which translates into savings and higher profits.

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