What is Hemav?

At Hemav, we provide predictive recommendations using Artificial Intelligence and drone technology in traditional industries such as agriculture, energy and construction.

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Plataformas Drone HEMAV

Preventive and predictive maintenance recommendations for asset management
Precision Agriculture
Agronomic recommendations to optimize crop production achieving the desired level of quality

Civil Engineering
Drone-based inspections, monitoring and survey operations in Civil Engineering, improving safety and reducing costs

Proprietary Software

Flight and Operations tool

Agro Layers
Visualisation, management & exploitation of agronomic recommendations

Utilities Layers
Visualization, management & exploitation of geospatial data

Drone Watch
Real-time, worldwide monitoring of all operating platforms

Hemav Deliveries

At Hemav, we make crop health diagnostics with 90% accuracy (compared to laboratory and actual results). Our layer-based solution provides farmers with analytical reports including agronomic and treatment recommendations. We also make predictions based on several parameters, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and DRONE technology

Analytic Layers
Treatment Layers
Predictive Layers

Mapping and data analysis


Hemav in the world

+ than 100,000

hectares flown in all industries

+ than 100

platforms flying across the world

4th position

in the world ranking of drone companies

1st position

in the Precision Agriculture world ranking

Our platforms

Hemav Engineering provides the best hardware solutions to meet the needs of the market.

Hemav Engineering defines and executes the development and technological position strategy with regards to the data acquisition segment.

Latest Projects

Bodegas Lahoz

Discover the tangible and quantified benefits obtained by Bodegas LAHOZ thanks to our reports and agronomic recommendations

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Unión Fenosa

Preventive maintenance inspection of the elements that make up a high voltage pylon of the Gas Natural Fenosa group

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Analysis by certified thermographers, ad-hoc reports and failure assessment of modules segmented by the manufacturer

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